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80-90% of Your ESG Footprint is in your Supply Chain

Can you track, trace & report this data to all your stakeholders with trust?

Full-lifecycle ESG data traceability & reporting across your value chain

Real-time Multi-party
Data Sharing

80-90% of your ESG footprint lies outside your organization and in your value chain. Enable real-time data sharing with your supply chain partners via a distribute ledger that enables them to share data confidently with you through multiple modes (Via APIs, IoT etc.) and with full privacy and security controls.

Transparent & Trusted
ESG Reporting

Leverage Blockchain technology to not only capture ESG data from your value chain partners but also provide proofs on blockchain in an immutable, tamper-proof, and auditable manner. Provide complete transparency and verifiability of all your ESG data and improve the trust in your ESG claims amongst all your stakeholders.

Track and Trace ESG Data at a Granular Level

Track and trace rich ESG data at a granular level within your operations, so you can create aggregate reports that you can then analyze, drill-down, slice and dice to gain deep insights, identify patterns, trends root-causes and implement targeted interventions to improve your ESG compliance and scores.

Improve the Verity and Verifiability of Data

Capture data with verifiable proofs that you can then calibrate and score to assess its completeness, consistency, accuracy and other criteria. Not all data is available with complete proofs and thus scoring the data captured or shared helps you assess the level of trustworthiness of the data better.

Custom Reporting for
all Stakeholders

Create targeted reports for your various stakeholders including investors, employees, partners and regulators via custom interfaces and also enable customers to verify your claims re: product authenticity, quality, provenance and sustainability, by simply scanning a QR code on your product packaging.

Benchmark Your
ESG Performance

ESG is a collective responsibility of all organizations, and everyone gains from making the world a sustainable, fair and trusted place to live in. Copperwire integrates with external data sources to help you compare and benchmark your performance with your peers and industry-at-large and set, achieve and exceed your ESG goals progressively.

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