1. Blockchain for the Fashion and Luxury Industry

The fashion and luxury industry has become infamous for its waste and inhumane working conditions. Blockchain-based tracking solutions can empower consumers by providing supply chain insights.

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2. India Plans to Issue a National Blockchain Framework

The Indian government is preparing a national framework to support the wider deployment of blockchain use cases.

Minister of state for electronics and IT (MeitY) Sanjay Dhotre said Wednesday that the government is drafting an approach paper on the National Level Blockchain Framework which discusses the potential for distributed ledger technology and the need for a shared infrastructure for different use cases.

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3. IBM Patents Blockchain to Stop Drones From Stealing Packages

Amazon, DHL and FedEx are building drones that deliver packages to your door. IBM, however, envisions a future where drones steal them instead. 

The computing giant won a patent on Nov. 12 for “Preventing anonymous theft by drones” with an Internet of Things (IoT) altimeter that triggers upon liftoff, tracking the package’s altitude and uploading the data to a blockchain platform.

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4. HSBC Moves $20 Billion From Paper to Blockchain In One Of The Biggest Financial Deployments

Blockchain and banking continue to push new boundaries with the relatively untested technology offering lots of promise and potential, but not finding too many direct uses, as of yet. HSBC, one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world, headquartered in London, is planning on making a bold $20 billion step.

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5. Cisco Patent Would Secure 5G Networks With Blockchain

Network tech giant Cisco has won a patent detailing how it could leverage blockchain to secure the data in 5G telecommunication networks.

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6. Huobi joins China telecom and finance giants to form state-backed blockchain alliance

The Chinese branch of cryptocurrency exchange Huobi is one of the first members of the Blockchain Services Network (BSN), an industry alliance initiated by the State Information Center (SIC), according to several Chinese news sites.

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7. Softbank offers blockchain wallet on a debit card

Today SoftBank Card (SBC) announced a Wallet Card, a special kind of debit card which has embedded IoT chips to make it smart. It includes both conventional prepaid debit card functionality as well as a blockchain wallet – both a hot and cold wallet version depending on whether WiFi is enabled. Apart from WiFi, which can be switched on and off, the debit card includes a battery, programmability and a small on-card display.

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8. Amazon, Infosys respond to Indian tea board’s blockchain call

Amazon and Infosys have responded to an expression of interest (EoI) announced by the Tea Board of India to use blockchain and allied technologies for tea traceability. A report by the Economic Times said regional bank Yes Bank and 25 other firms have also expressed their interest in the Tea Board’s call.

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9. Meet BOB, world’s first modular blockchain-powered smartphone

BOB was showcased during the CES 2019 and is also the CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree. BOB (Blok on Blok) is the world’s first modular smartphone powered by blockchain and developed by Pundi X, which is one of the largest decentralized cryptocurrency sales networks. The phone was showcased during the Consumer El

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10. Fidelity creates blockchain token to reward employees

Fidelity’s Center for Applied Technology (FCAT) has successfully completed trials of a new digital token to reward employees for performance and attendance.

In collaboration with San Francisco-based security token platform TokenSoft, Fidelity has now created and deployed an internal token using the ERC-1404 token standard.

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