1.  ‘How Salesforce Is Using Blockchain To Decentralize Data & Hyperledger’s Role

Salesforce, an American cloud-based software company, announced in April a blockchain offering on top of Hyperledger Sawtooth. Behlendorf, who has served on the board of Mozilla Foundation since 2003, notes how crucial Salesforce’s architecture is to the operations of their clients — this makes them a perfect fit to explore distributed technologies.

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2.  Microsoft Partners with æternity Blockchain in Malta

AE Ventures, the investment arm of the æternity blockchain platform, announced a partnership with the Microsoft Innovation Center. According to the partnership, AE Ventures and Microsoft (MSFT) would hold regular events to promote blockchain in Malta.

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3.  DBS Bank Partners with Singapore Government to Launch Blockchain Trade Platform

Asian banking giant DBS and multinational commodity trading firm Trafigura Group are tapping blockchain to facilitate global trade.

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4.  Digital Travel Firm Webjet Has Launched Its Booking Verification on Blockchain

Digital travel agent Webjet has launched its long-in-development blockchain-based platform in a bid to remove disparities in hotel booking data.

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5.  After Xi, China’s Central Bank Gives Blockchain Tech a Pump

The Chinese central bank is promoting the use of blockchain in trade finance, soon after the nation’s president made a call to adopt the tech across multiple industries.

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6.  Coca-Cola Supply Chain Firm Expands Blockchain Effort to 70 Partners

The IT firm behind Coca-Cola’s bottle manufacturing supply chain processes looks to be getting a taste for blockchain technology. Coke One North America (CONA) says its pilot project with software provider SAP is now set to be expanded from two to 70 of the manufacturers that deliver the 160,000 bottles Coca-Cola shops daily, Business Insider reported on Tuesday.

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7.  India’s Defense Minister Touts Blockchain, AI Role in Warfare

India’s defense minister believes blockchain technology is the next step in contemporary warfare. Speaking at an 80-nation plus envoy roundtable Monday before the country’s DefExpo 2020 conference this coming February, defense minister Rajnath Singh said blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data are needed for next iteration of combat, according to The Times of India.

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8. New Blockchain Tool Promises Verifiable Audits in 30 Seconds

Accounting and business consulting firm Armanino launched a new blockchain-based tool Wednesday promising firm-originated financial audits in seconds. Called TrustExplorer 2.0, the product is one of several promising to overturn how accounting is done within companies.

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9.  IBM Ethical Mineral Sourcing Blockchain to Debut in Spring

Ford, Volkswagon, LG and Volvo plan to take a pilot project tracking cobalt during its refining process live in production next year.

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10.  Bithumb Wants User-Created DEXs With Its New Blockchain Ecosystem

South Korean crypto startup Bithumb is launching an “exchange-as-a-service” platform based on its new blockchain. Announced Wednesday, the exchange said Bithumb Chain will allow users and developers to build decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on the open source blockchain network, which it hopes will act as the backbone to a new financial ecosystem.

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