Operationalizing Trust Across Your Supply Chain

Trust is the foundation of every business relationship. Success is built on it, and it’s part of how we care for our business networks. Trust in business is a composite, multi-variate, multi-party concept that combines elements of completeness, verifiability, consistency, integrity, and compliance of data generated and shared by all verified participants across business processes. Copperwire has built an industry-leading middleware platform to automate and operationalize these elements of trust across supply chain participants, processes and data so that data is visible with built-in verifiable proofs to all concerned parties with security and privacy controls in place; trusted and acted upon by all securely authenticated participants and multi-party contracts and processes are pre-programmed for internal and external compliance. All this invariably has the material impact of reducing friction, waste, errors, delays and thus improving supply chain efficiency, agility as well as risk and resilience management while improving overall customer conviction and brand trust in the market.

Trusted Digital Twin of your Supply Chain

The TADA platform captures and map the digital DNA of enterprise systems into a synaptic, cognitive network and that enables infinite, navigation of all your data and make intuitive and timely decisions. This creates a unified, actionable Digital Duplicate of your business that’s further anchored by a trusted, auditable and secure digital twin on blockchain. This helps facilitate and accelerate the digital transformation of your business in an agile reliable manner.

Collaborative Data Sharing

Based on Copperwire’s ‘Smart Information Payload Protocol’ SIPP) technology to designed to facilitate secure, targeted, intelligent multi-party data sharing within complex multi-tiered, multi-modal supply chains and business networks

Full Transparency

A hyper-connected multi-tier data network allows different modalities of data-sharing that enables partners across multiple tiers of your supply chain to collaborate in a secure, trusted, & privacy-aware manner. Connect with multiple external & internal data sources to gain complete, real-time visibility into various sources of operational, geopolitical, financial, regulatory, and other risks across the network, in real-time.

Verifiable Truths

Trust in your supply chains comes from real and verifiable data. Customers can verify your data and data from your partners in your value chain, that’s stored immutably on blockchain, customers can immutably on blockchain.

Trusted Automation

Enable trusted automation of multi-party processes, transactions and settlements while codifying business agreements. Create, deploy and manage self-executing, cryptographically secured , tamper-proof and trusted smart contracts

Data Integrity Assurance

No matter what systems of processes you implement, the importance of end-to-end integrity of your data cannot be overemphasized as a cornerstone of foundation of trust. Critical data throughout your supply chain is tracked and traced from source on a blockchain where it’s immutably stored with quality assurance as well as verifiable proofs

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