of customers would switch to brands who provide greater transparency.


Today’s customers care deeply about what they buy and where it’s from but after greenwashing and sourcing scandals, people want proof, not just PR. With Provenance+, customers can verify your product journey, quality, sustainability and more, with immutable blockchain proof. It’s a smart way to create transparency, build trust and prove your positive impact.

Video Overview

Trace your Product Journey to Prove Sourcing and Authenticity

  • Share proof of origin, ethical sourcing and prevent counterfeits with time-stamped, location data
  • Track every raw ingredient or material with serialization/batch IDs, from source to store
  • Monitor product condition and temperature in near real-time to ensure product integrity and damage attribution

Tell Your Brand Story in a Compelling & Transparent Way

  • Customers can scan a QR code and explore the provenance of that exact item on their phone
  • They can check the ethical origin, learn about the craftmanship and see the ESG impact
  • Customers love this instant engaging digital experience and can purchase your product with confidence

Share Sustainability, Ethics, Quality and other Data with Proofs

  • Every ingredient and process has a story to tell. Share that story with real and verifiable data
  • List your ESG practices from carbon impact, zero waste, fair trade pay, staff diversity etc.
  • Prove your quality and safety practices with certificates, lab results, IoT data verifiable at source

Offer The Gold Standard of Blockchain Verifiable Proof

  • Blockchain has been endorsed by the WEF, Vogue and Forbes as a way to prove provenance
  • Data on the blockchain is immutable and verifiable, providing a golden record of truth.
  • All Provenance+ platforms and data are blockchain-enabled, with security and privacy

Business Benefits


Attract New Customers

Connect with customers who are passionate about sustainability, transparency and authenticity


Regulatory Compliance

Provide authenticated proof of certifications, quality standards and ESG practices to regulators


Supply Chain Visibility

Gain end to end visibility of your product flows, detect counterfeits and track recalls


Investor Confidence

Provide proofs of your claims, building trust in your growth potential and reputation

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HQO Case Study

The Challenge

HQO are a supplier of herbs and spices to some of North America’s biggest brands. They wanted to prove the origin, authenticity, safety and provenance of their ingredients, including that they are sourced from conflict-free regions in China.

The Solution

We provided complete digitalized tracking and tracing of 22 ingredients, via QR code. Customers and retailers can scan the QR code and directly verify the provenance of that item. All data and certificates are recorded with verifiable blockchain proofs.

Avocado Case Study

The Challenge

Avocado is one of the top mattress brands in the USA. It has invested heavily to ensure all their raw materials are 100% organic. However, some competitions falsely claim the same. They sought a way to independently prove pedigree and provenance.

The Solution

We track and trace all raw materials (cotton, latex and wool) and sustainable practices from farm to factory. Customers can scan the QR code on every mattress and view the authenticated journey it has taken. Avocado also gain to end supply chain traceability.

About Us

Copperwire are a Silicon Valley blockchain company, passionate about creating products that build trust for customers, supply chains and the wider community.

Our provenance+ approach and case studies have been mentioned by Gartner as a “blockchain blockbuster trend”. We are winners of back to back Tie50 tech awards and have active partnerships with IBM, Tada Now, Alteryx and others.

“Copperwire’s Provenance solution is helping us better differentiate our products in the market and instill greater customer conviction and value for our brand”.

George Mathew, Head of Sustainability & Supply Chain Operations, Avocado Green Brands
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