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Copperwire’s Dr. Ram Ramanan Participates in Frost & Sullivan’s Think Tank Webinar on ESG Compliance within Circular Supply Chains

Dr. Ram Ramanan, Chief Scientific Officer at Copperwire recently participated in a Think Tank Webinar on ESG Compliance and Circular Supply Chains. The webinar shared the environmental, society and business benefits of pursuing ESG strategies and how to implement them effectively.

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Oftentimes, companies prioritize short-term economic impacts and perceive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance as overly expensive to implement. However, the true cost of not incorporating ESG principles can be substantial in the long run, as customers are increasingly favoring businesses that exhibit a dedication to social responsibility and sustainability. Nonetheless, translating these principles into action is more complex than it seems. Companies must craft a growth strategy that seamlessly integrates ESG compliance at every stage of the product cycle.

The webinar aims to explore this intricate aspect while evaluating the overall ESG landscape. Discover insights into pivotal questions, including:

  • How can you navigate your growth journey while upholding ESG principles?
  • How can you infuse sustainability into your processes without compromising profitability?
  • Which pivotal technological disruptions can empower your team to achieve their ESG objectives?
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