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Impact Assurance & Acceleration Across Your Value Chain

A Complete Enterprise Sustainability Management Solution
Built with Distributed Trust & AI Technologies

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100+ Sustainability leaders have spoken with us. And we have listened!

Over a hundred Chief Sustainability Officers/leaders worldwide, have spoken with us. They want a solution that goes beyond just reporting and addresses complex data coverage and data trust challenges across their value chain. They also want a single, unified solution that can deliver all capabilities they need to manage their Sustainability Journey and help achieve real sustainability outcomes for their enterprise. We have listened intently and have built a solution that addresses all these needs and lot more!

A Unified Trust-Centric Platform for End-to-End Sustainability Management

Unified, Collaborative Impact Management

A single, unified platform to digitalize & manage every step of your Sustainability function and associated data across your enterprise in an integrated manner, while collaborating with all stakeholders across your value chain.

Deep Supply Chain

Advanced supply chain track and trace capabilities leverage patent-pending technology to collect, share, manage, & monitor operational and Sustainability data across complex, multi-tier supply chains.

Built-in ‘Finance-grade’ Trust Assurance

Trust-centric architecture ensures complete data integrity, verifiability, traceability & auditability with support for various protocols & standards. Enables finance-grade accounting that CSOs & CFOs require to meet regulatory mandates & combat greenwashing

Operationalizing Trust Across Your Impact Value Chain

Impact Chain uses an advanced collaboration platform built on Distributed Trust technology, which helps operationalize trust across your value chain. The patent-pending technology embeds key capabilities that drive and build greater trust and data-sharing plus collaboration within multi-stakeholder Sustainability ecosystems.

Transparency – Complete visibility & deep observability of data across multiple tiers of the value chain

Verifiability – Cryptographically verifiable proofs recorded from source in a tamper-proof manner

Traceability – Full traceability of data all the way to the source

Integrity – High level of data integrity assurance via immutable, tamper-resistant recording of data

Auditability – Financial grade accounting ledger includes built-in audit capabilities with data verifiability, veracity assessment

Automation – Smart, trusted automation of multi-party processes and business contracts to drive predictable Sustainability outcomes

Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey While Doing It Right

Governments around the world are implementing stricter regulations related to sustainability. There is increasing relevance and linkage between sustainability management and business performance. Stakeholders including investors, lenders, consumers, employees and partners are demanding improved sustainability performance and disclosures. Enterprises, both large and small, have to tightly manage their sustainability function and do it right.
To do this, they need to implement a system that can support planning, monitoring, managing and reporting sustainability performance. The system needs to be trusted and future-proof. Impact Chain provides such a unified system that can help in:

  • Digitizing and streamlining Sustainability processes end-to-end
  • Efficient, accurate disclosures & reporting
  • Improved data coverage across the value chain
  • Leveling up the trust in data to avoid any perception of greenwashing
  • Complying with regulatory mandates, and enhancing stakeholder communications
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