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A Single Unified System to
Assess, Optimize and Accelerate your Impact

Impact Chain - An Integrated Suite for your Sustainability Journey

End-to-end, Collaborative Sustainability Management

Unified “ERP-Class’ solution spanning all the steps within your Sustainability process from planning, data collection, accounting, reporting, managing actions across topics, and more, in an integrated and collaborative manner

Complete Data Coverage & Accounting across Value Chains

Patent-pending technology that enables collection & accounting of all ESG data across complex enterprise structures and multi-tiered supply chains (incl. Scope 3 data). We follow GHG protocol/ ISO14064 PCAF/ for both operational and financed carbon accounting

Full Data Traceability,
Verifiability & Auditability

All data within the system is fully traceable all the way to source, with verifiable evidence and veracity assessment. With built-in Audits and certification capabilities, you get the complete assurance you need for your data & reporting.

Intelligent Automation

With embedded AI technology, you can automate and speed up many of the intensive data processing & accounting tasks. You also gain deep insights to support complex decisions you need to make to optimize outcomes & improve compliance.

Multi-stakeholder Reporting & Communications

Report and communicate trusted Impact narratives across multiple data sources, topics, stakeholders & devices. Auto-generate verifiable data-driven reports without any manual processing or Excel spreadsheets

Modular, Flexible & Integrates with your Existing Systems

A broad & deep solution that’s modular & flexible to meet your needs, wherever you are in your Sustainability Journey. Integrate and leverage capabilities that complement your existing systems.

A Portfolio of Choices to meet Specific Needs

Supply Chain Sustainability

Manage all your Supply Chain Sustainability needs incl. collecting data, setting goals, and driving collaborative actions across your upstream and downstream supply chains.

Industry Solutions

Impact Chain has been designed and built to meet the needs of specific industries including retail, consumer goods, banking, Investments, and Higher-education, to name a few. We are continuing to support other industries.

ESG / Impact Reporting

Helps aggregate, integrate data from multiple internal & external data sources to generate auditable reports that meet various mandates and conform to multiple reporting frameworks & standards.

Sustainability Communications

Confidently communicate your impact data and narrative to various stakeholders via a modern digital experience. Communicate with consumers or regulators via QR codes on product labels that pull up compliance documents.

Data Management

Leverage our Impact X platform to address your complex Impact Data challenges incl. Data collection, integration, quality & trust assurance, aggregation, accounting, & more. Learn more about the Impact X Platform here.

Audits & Certifications

Meant for auditors and certification bodies to conduct their ESG audits and publish audit reports & certifications. With support for audit workflows, onsite inspections, tamper-proof audit trails, and more

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