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Complex problems in Sustainability that only
a robust purpose-built platform can solve

Introducing IMPACT X – The Agile Enterprise Sustainability Management Platform

There are deep-rooted, highly complex problems in Sustainability Management such as operationalizing connectivity, intelligence & trust in data sharing and collaboration across multi-tiered, multi-party value chains & ecosystems. The Impact X platform was designed, architected and purpose-built over the years to solve these complex problems, and serve as the essential, robust foundation on which enterprises can chart an agile course for their Sustainability Journey.

Advanced Data Collaboration

Includes patent-pending technology that facilitates collaborative data sharing and management across complex multi-tiered value chains.


Leverages blockchain technology to operationalize trust in data and collaboration, and help drive data quality, integrity & assurance across the ecosystem

Power of AI Technology

Helps intelligently process copious amounts of data to drive deep insights, optimize decisions and take smart actions to achieve your goals

Open Integration Framework

Built on an Open API-based framework, the platform is capable of integrating functionality & data with internal & external systems & data sources, including IoT devices

Operationalizing Sustainability

Includes key tech components including. workflows, data structures, integration hooks, notifications, alerts and more to operationalize sustainability across the value chain

One Platform for your Journey

Address your current and future needs with a single platform while leveraging your existing systems and adopting new capabilities to stay on course or to accelerate progress

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