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McKinsey Selects Copperwire to their Exclusive GBB100 Accelerator Program for Future Climate Tech Unicorns & Decacorns

Copperwire are excited to be a part of GBB100, a highly selective green business accelerator program by McKinsey &
Company and be invited to attend COP28 UAE.

It's been an incredible experience at COP28 and we are absolutely elated about the future opportunities that this program offers.
Reaching net zero by 2050 will require a massive acceleration in the scale-up and deployment of climate and Sustainability management technologies. As part of the GBB100 program, we will receive 1:1 coaching and hands-on support from technology and green business experts at McKinsey.

Additionally, we will participate in exciting learning and networking opportunities through roundtables, panels, and networking events.

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